Mayo Chiki! (Episode 11) – Hic!

With the summer break over, it’s back to school, and back to Jirou’s regular school life involving getting dragged to the nurses office…


Subaru arrives at Jirou’s house in the morning for the first day back to school after the summer break. On their way to school, Usami hits Jirou with her motor bike, just like she had in a previous episode. At lunch, Kanade serves Jirou and Subaru a dish that was cooked in wine, causing Subaru to get “drunk”. Jirou takes her to the nurses office.

A little later, Kanade breaks out in the hiccups, so Jirou takes her to the nurses office as well. Kanade gets on top of Jirou and teases him a little. Then the three exit the nurses office and Kanade falls down the stairs. The episode ends in some drama regarding Subaru quitting being Kanade’s butler because she failed to protect Kanade.

Episode Thoughts

I’ve probably mentioned this somewhere before, but the whole “drunk” ecchi has never been something that I’m particularly fond of. Especially the fake “drunk” where something non-alcoholic, or the tiniest amount of alcohol, causes a character to act like they are hammered and have lost all inhibition. I mean, I’ll still enjoy a panty shot or something like this, but the actual situation itself isn’t my favourite.

Unfortunately we didn’t get too much, Subaru did strip a little but not enough for any real fan service. And Kanade hopped on top of Jirou in the nurse’s office, but not much happened there too. Overall, the episode felt pretty lukewarm. It seems like they’re trying to create a little drama, but personally, I’d rather just have more fan service.

Ecchi Highlights

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