Mayo Chiki! (Episode 12) – Dismay of a Butler and I, a Chicken

The drama over Subaru quitting as Kanade’s butler continues, in an intriguing episode that also features nudity for the first time in Mayo Chiki!.

This post contains some nude images!

Dismay of a Butler and I, a Chicken

Last episode Subaru had caused Jirou to pass out due to his gynophobia, so that she could escape. He awakes this episode to Usami, who takes him to Subaru. Subaru and Jirou then spend the night in an inn, where Jirou is tempted by some dreams of Subaru due to being in a room alone with her. Afterwards, they return home.

Subaru quits being Kanade’s butler, and instead transfers into school as Punyuru. Jirou gathers the Subaru fan clubs and manages to create a massive petition signed by the whole school asking for Subaru to come back. Touched by this, Subaru goes back to being Kanade’s butler. The episode ends with Jirou meeting Subaru in a park at night, where Subaru kisses him.

Episode Thoughts

First off, I was surprised to not only see a panty shot, something that has been scarce, but also nudity this episode! Mayo Chiki! really has been full of surprises when it comes to fan service, and overall it’s been a real positive experience. Now, just a reminder that the nudity in this episode is solely Jirou’s imagination… he didn’t actually “sleep with” Subaru.

Secondly, I couldn’t get into the story portion of this episode at all. The whole drama about Subaru quitting her job as butler because Kanade sprained her ankle… I didn’t buy it. The whole thing seemed way too forced, Subaru’s reaction seemed way over the top, and it all just didn’t feel believable. But on the plus side, we got some fan service to balance things out a bit!

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