Mayo Chiki! (Episode 2) – I Fell in Love!

After having discovered the secret behind Kanade’s butler, she is now spending more time with Jirou in order to help him overcome his fear of women. However, someone seems to have taken notice to this…

I Fell in Love!

Subaru begins leaving Kanade’s mansion early in order to walk to school with Jirou. Kanade meets up with Jirou at school and gives him a ticket that he can use to give one order to Subaru – an order that can be anything he wants. After school, Jirou and Subaru go on a date, with Kanade observing. Near the end of the date, Jirou’s sister appears. She attacks Subaru but is effortlessly knocked away.

The next day all of the students go to have their measurements taken. Jirou and Subaru cover for each other to make sure that Subaru’s secret doesn’t get out. That evening with Jirou gets home, his sister confronts him – and admits her love for Subaru!

Episode Thoughts

So last episode I was a little uncertain as to how ecchi this show would be, and this episode set the record straight on that. In a matter of seconds, with Kanade suggesting things that Jirou could request of Subaru, we got a lot of great daydream ecchi. Enough to convince me.

I feel like this episode set the pace for the series, and that we’re going to be seeing a lot of Jirou and Subaru. From what we’ve seen this episode, Subaru definitely is looking like the poster girl for Mayo Chiki!. Which works for me, because she’s pretty cute. I’m sure we’ll get some fan service featuring Kanade and other girls in future episode as well.

So far, I think Mayo Chiki! is more enjoyable than I expected!

Ecchi Highlights

Subaru Love!

Some Daydream Ecchi

And no, this isn’t what you’re thinking… it’s honey!

Jirou Recounts his Childhood + Interruption

Physical Checkups…

Other Posts in the Series

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