Mayo Chiki! (Episode 3) – It is Without a Doubt, In Bed

With Jirou’s sister, Kureha, now in love with Subaru things get a little more complicated. And Kanade takes full advantage of this to invite Jirou and his sister to a double date at the pool!

It is Without a Doubt, In Bed

Subaru once again arrives early to Jirou’s house in order to walk to school with him, and Kureha happens to walk out in her bra and panties. Later on, Kureha follows Jirou to the school rooftop to ask him if Subaru said anything about her panties. She then accuses Jirou of dating Subaru in a BL relationship (she thinks Subaru is a guy), and Kanade then steps in to make things more complicated.

Kanade declares that Jirou is HER boyfriend. She then pulls out four tickets to the pool, proposing a double date, where Kureha goes with Subaru. Kanade vows to help the two of them get together. At the pool, the two pairs separate for a while. Then, Kanade and Kureha go off together, but are kidnapped. Subaru and Jirou end up going to rescue them, but in the end it turns out that the entire situation was a setup by Kanade and Subaru’s father.

Episode Thoughts

A pool and swimsuit episode already?! Well, I’m not complaining. Although, there are only “three” girls for us to enjoy in a swimsuit! Subaru is pretending to be a boy though, so we don’t get to see her in a proper swimsuit. That leaves us with Kureha and Kanade in their bikinis. Still pretty good, this is only episode 3 after all!

As for the rest of the episode, it was pretty good. There were several funny moments. I was worried that Jirou’s phobia of women was going to be a bit too prevalent, with him getting nosebleeds 24/7, but it’s only once or twice per episode so far, which is good. Overall, the episode was a good watch.

Ecchi Highlights

Kureha panties, and then it’s all swimsuits from there!

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