Mayo Chiki! (Episode 4) – Don’t Stare at Me Like That…

Jirou’s new life of being constantly harassed by Kanade and Subaru continues, with Subaru showing up asking for a place to stay after she was temporarily kicked out of Kanade’s residence!

Don’t Stare at Me Like That…

Just when Jirou is ready to enjoy Golden Week, Subaru shows up asking for a place to stay. After letting her in, she insists on being his butler, and helps wash his back when he goes to take a bath. Kureha, who was supposed to be at a camp with her school club, arrives home early because she fought a bear and broke her arm. Then, Kanade arrives dressed as a maid and challenges Subaru to a competition…

After all that madness, Jirou catches a cold, a serious condition in anime. Subaru does her best to cure him with a bunch of crazy methods, worried about him. Eventually though, he gets better, because there’s no way an anime protagonist of an ecchi slice of life anime would just die of a cold on episode 4!

Episode Thoughts

First off, not as much ecchi this time as there was last episode. I think that’s fair though, Mayo Chiki! has already delivered more than I originally expected, and I’m sure there will be plenty more to come.

Apparently Jirou’s dad died of sickness, and so when he collapsed with a fever, his sister began crying thinking that he might die too. Colds are a serious business in anime folks! Jirou powered through it in the end though, so good for him.

Finally, the episode ended with Kanade kissing Jirou, causing his nose to bleed. She then teases him about it. It was one of those ambiguous scenes where it seemed like something was there, but then she made it seem otherwise. This is a harem anime, so I guess it’s important to leave all possibilities open. Personally, I always gun for the harem end, although I have yet to actually witness it happen in anime.

Ecchi Highlights

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