Mayo Chiki! (Episode 5) – Go Out With Me!

The school festival is quickly approaching. Surely this won’t end up causing any trouble for our up-and-coming harem protagonist Jirou, right?

Go Out With Me!

On his way to school, Jirou is hit by a girl on a moped! Bet you didn’t see that coming, and neither did he! The girl then refuses to tell him her name, and knocks him out, leaving him on the ground to be found later by Subaru and Kanade. He awakes in the school infirmary, where Subaru asks him to spend time with her at the upcoming school festival. He agrees.

Shortly after though, the girl who hit him calls him to the roof. Her name is Usami. There, she tells him about how she is a part of one of the Subaru fanclubs, and how him being with Subaru has caused a schism that is going to result in a war between the clubs. In order to help her club win, she asks him to pretend to be her boyfriend during the school festival, or else she will send out compromising photos of Subaru. He agrees.

Subaru then shows up and finds out, gets angry and leaves. Jirou then goes swimsuit shopping with Usami.

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Episode Thoughts

Nothing too exciting this episode either. I guess it served as more of an introduction to Usami than anything else. And she’s another hothead like Subaru, doesn’t hesitate to throw punches. I guess that’s the theme of this anime though, with Kureha, Subaru, and now Usami all knocking Jirou around. This episode sets up for the festival though, so I guess we’ll see how that plays out, although the end of the episode showed a little of it. So maybe we won’t see it next episode, I’m not really sure…

Only a few ecchi moments here, with a panty shot and swimsuit for the most part.

Ecchi Highlights

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