Mayo Chiki! (Episode 6) – Let’s Start a War!

It’s cultural festival time, with Jirou having committed to spending time with both Usami and Subaru. But the real question is, will we get any fan service this episode?

Let’s Start a War!

Jirou arrives to his school’s cultural festival where his class is doing a boys crossdressing cafe, solely so that the girls can see Subaru dressed as a girl (ironically). Jirou skips out early to spend time with Usami, due to her blackmailing him and Subaru. Eventually, Subaru finds them and tags along.

They end up running into a member from one of the Subaru fan clubs, and attend the “war”, which ends up being a Subaru quiz game. Subaru is discovered in the audience with Jirou and they participate on one side. Then one fan club gets angry at Jirou, who then publicly proclaims his love for Kanade, who was hosting the game. Usami gets angry and runs out, and then Jirou makes up with her after she admits to liking him.

Episode Thoughts

I may have messed up the order of events a little bit in the synopsis, this was one of those “a lot happened, but not really” episodes where a lot happened but the overall plot hasn’t really changed much. Basically Jirou is officially friends with Usami now, in addition to the other girls, making her the newest addition to the harem that’s formed.

Unfortunately, the best we got in terms of fan service this episode was some girls changing into their swimsuits to wear underneath their uniforms for a maid cafe. The first few episodes were so promising! Come on, Mayo Chiki! Don’t let me down here, I know you can still give us some juicy ecchi content…

Ecchi Highlights

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