Mayo Chiki! (Episode 7) – Let’s Run Away!

It’s summer, which means that Jirou has time to kick back and relax. Only, his harem won’t let him! Long story short, we end up seeing some more swimsuits this time around!


Let’s Run Away!

Jirou is heading home one day in the intense Japan summer heat, when he comes across Subaru. She offers him some water, which he drinks. He then passes out because it was drugged. Jirou awakes at a beachside hot spring resort next to Kanade, who had kidnapped him with Subaru.

After some more teasing, they head to the beach. At one point Jirou goes to get some drinks, when he runs into some more girls from school, including Usami. Kanade and Subaru then arrive, and are forced to lie about Subaru, saying she’s actually Subaru’s cousin. We then get a quick flashback of a few nights prior when Jirou had gone to Usami’s for dinner, and she rubbed herself on him while in a swimsuit to “help cure his condition”.

And that’s where this part of the story ends.

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Episode Thoughts

Brilliant episode. And I mean that. This episode was excellent. From start to finish, it was pure fan service. I’ll admit, the story wasn’t the most exciting, but I’ve come to realize that Mayo Chiki! is about Jirou getting dragged into ecchi situations by the various members of his harem. And after accepting that, I really enjoyed this episode and all the content we got.

There was this one moment where the busty glasses girl was getting up close and personal with Jirou, and then Usami dropkicks her into a wall. And I couldn’t believe they actually put a very noticeable bloodstain on the wall from that! One that trails down to the ground. Very surprising, considering the tone of the anime.

Anyways, this episode was a real winner, so enjoy the highlights.

Ecchi Highlights


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