Mayo Chiki! (Episode 8) – The First Time!

The summer vacation at a hot springs resort continues, as Jirou, Kanade, and Subaru have been joined by Kureha, Narumi, and Usami. In other words, it means there’s plenty more fan service to be had!

The First Time!

Having trouble sleeping in a room filled with girls, Jirou heads down to the hot springs, where he runs into Subaru. Subaru’s dad then enters the hot springs, causing Subaru to hide behind Jirou at first but then she ends up emerging to knock him out, before also knocking Jirou out. The next day, everyone hits the beach again before heading to a summer festival.

Jirou finds out that it’s the anniversary of Subaru’s mother’s death, and the reason they are there is so she could visit her mother’s nearby grave. After this, a game of paintball is held, with the winner getting a kiss from Subaru, posing as her “female” alter-ego Punyuru. Kanade ends up winning. The episode ends with Subaru confessing to Jirou.

Episode Thoughts

Now that she’s been getting so much screentime, I finally decided to learn the name of the bombshell blonde girl – Nakuru Narumi. She had some funny moments this episode – first when she had Subaru read a BL doujin featuring Jirou and Subaru (because Narumi thinks Subaru is a male). Subaru ends up getting embarrassed and throws it out the window, causing Narumi to jump out after it.

Last episode we had the very visible blood from Narumi after Usami knocked her into a wall, and this episode we didn’t see anything but I’ll tell ya there was quite the nasty sound when Narumi hit the ground. I guess while Jirou get’s some punishment, Narumi is the one that this series has no problems getting a little graphic with in this sense.

Narumi also got “drunk” off carbonated drinks and stripped some girls during the paintball game, which was appreciated. Overall it was a fun episode and there was some pretty good fan service. Mayo Chiki! has been great so far.

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