Mayo Chiki (Episode 9) – A Quick Trip!

It seems that summer vacation still isn’t over for Mayo Chiki! This time the anime moves away from swimsuits, and instead treats us with something else – maids and garter belts!

A Quick Trip!

It turns out that Usami works at a maid cafe, and since they needed help, she asks Jirou to come in. There he helps with the dishes and such, until Kanade somehow manages to find them. And then Narumi and Kureha show up looking for work… Eventually Jirou stumbles and accidentally grabs Usami’s boob, causing him to pass out from his gynophobia.

When he awakes, instead of mentioning his phobia, Kanade tells everyone that Jirou has an extreme maid fetish, and that he was super turned on – especially by the girls’ garter belts. Jirou protests to this, and so Kanade has Usami show him her garter belt in order for him to prove his innocence. Upon seeing her garter belt, and just as he’s about to admit defeat, Subaru arrives and Jirou is able to avert his gaze, saving his reputation…

Episode Thoughts

Once again Mayo Chiki! is killing it with the fan service! I’m really enjoying the laid-back, slice of life tone of the anime in addition to all the awesome fan service. This is what happens when an anime isn’t afraid to embrace ecchi content.

I think the best moment this episode was when Kanade told everyone Jirou had an extreme maid fetish. We then get an imagined graphic of Jirou’s vision, with his eyes scanning all of the girls and eventually locking onto their garter belt straps. It made me laugh that all the girls were so disgusted at the prospect of someone having a maid fetish – for what other purpose do maid cafes exist?

Overall, it was a fun episode with some good content. It’s not often you get so much garter in a single episode of anything!

Ecchi Highlights

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