Mayo Chiki! (Season One)

Mayo Chiki! was a fun slice of life + ecchi / harem anime that tried to introduce it’s own “unique” dynamic, but in reality ended up falling in line with the industry standard. Given the good fan service, that’s not necessarily a bad thing though!

Mayo Chiki! Ecchi Subaru Sheep

Mayo Chiki!

The premise of Mayo Chiki! is that the main character, Jirou, has gynophobia as a result of being raised by a pro-wrestler mother, and living with his wrestling enthusiast sister. In addition, he accidentally discovers the secret behind the butler of a rich girl at school – the butler is actually a girl!

Does the Premise Work?

Despite the premise, Mayo Chiki! really becomes a standard slice of life + ecchi / harem fairly quickly, and the uniqueness of the premise quickly fades. I’d say after around the 5th episode the anime starts to feel quite standard. Sure, for a short while, it seems like we’re in for an interesting ride – Kanade (rich girl) and Subaru (butler) agree to help Jirou with his gynophobia in exchange for his silence on the truth behind Subaru’s gender.

But then the anime can only keep the “nosebleed everytime he touches a girl” concept alive for so long before it’d be restrictive on Jirou’s interactions with the increasing number of girls that show an interest in him. And I feel like there are only so many things you can do with a female butler disguised as a male.

So eventually, the anime just becomes the usual. Jirou and friends spend their days doing different things such as going to the beach, a maid cafe, school, et cetera.

Overall, I’d say that the premise doesn’t really work, but at the same time, it does manage to generate some interest in the beginning. So it works, just not for long.

Mayo Chiki! Ecchi Harem Sister Wrestle

A Relaxed Tone

Something that usually comes with the territory of a slice of life, Mayo Chiki! does a good job in maintaining a comfortable tone. Within the entire season I can only recall a single dramatic event. Mayo Chiki! is very laid back for the most part, and relies more on fan service, comedy, and characters to deliver an enjoyable experience. Personally, I felt that it all worked very well. In fact, the least enjoyable moment of the season was short spurt of drama, which felt forced and unnecessary.

Speaking of characters, here are the 5 main girls Mayo Chiki! has to offer:

Fan Service

Finally, I’ll touch on the fan service / ecchi content from Mayo Chiki!. Like with most ecchi anime, there are ups and downs, with some episodes packed with ecchi and others sparse. However, I was impressed with the overall level of fan service from start to finish.

I originally went into Mayo Chiki! not expecting too much, and it was able to give us some great moments right from the beginning. In addition, we see a lot of swimsuits and shower / bath scenes. Surprisingly there weren’t very many panty shots in the season. But I think the real winner of an episode was the one at the maid cafe, which was full of great moments featuring maids and their legs / garter belts.

I don’t normally pick a best girl in these reviews, but I felt that Usami was a cut above the rest, with Kanade coming in second. In the end, all of the girls were great at some point or another.

Ecchi Highlights

Mayo Chiki! Ecchi Usami Swimsuit


Story / Characters – Good

Naturally there isn’t too much in terms of a story here, as slice of life relies on it’s characters. And while they were cute, I wouldn’t say any of the characters in Mayo Chiki! were that spectacular compared to other anime. Good, and fun to watch, but that’s about it.

Ecchi Content – Hot

I really enjoyed the ecchi content that we got with Mayo Chiki!. While it was lacking in the panty shot department, it made up for that with plenty of other great ecchi moments. The amount of swimsuits and thighs in Mayo Chiki! make it worthy of a hot rating I’d say!

Mayo Chiki Episode 11 Kanade Peace

In Conclusion…

Mayo Chiki! is a fun anime that sports some pretty good fan service. If you’re looking for something to throw on that isn’t too serious but still features cute girls and ecchi imagery, it’s a great choice!

If you’d like to see more of Mayo Chiki!, you can check out the highlights of each episode here:

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