Miru Tights (Episode 10) – Earpick Tights

We meet a new character this episode – Homi’s brother. And it seems he also has a thing for tights (who doesn’t?). Homi then enters his room and insists on cleaning his ears, which ends up making him very uncomfortable…

Earpick Tights

Well, it’s exactly as you’d expect. Not only are these episodes only 5 min, but they’re also as simple as it gets. This episode is essentially Homi’s brother being uncomfortable as his face is pressed into Homi’s tights clad legs as she cleans his ears.

Unfortunately, I think this episode had the least amount of tights-related content yet. We didn’t even get to see Homi in more than one sitting position for most of the episode. I’d say that Earpick Tights ended up being one of the weaker episodes.

I’ve also noticed that the last few episodes have been a bit more dry on content as well, when it comes to tights / ecchi. Hopefully this trend ends here, and we get some more great tights moments next episode!

It feels like the best episodes are the ones that include all three girls, or the teacher. So of course the best possible combination would be a tights-filled episode featuring all three girls AND their teacher!

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