Miru Tights (Episode 12) – Travel Tights

The girls plan out what they want to do with their summer vacation in this tights-filled finale to the very unique anime that is Miru Tights!

Travel Tights

Despite the episode title, most of this episode is actually the planning prior to the trip. Which works out well because we still get plenty of tights with the three girls lying around planning out their trip! And of course, the trip still happens, but it’s more like the conclusion / ending credits to the series.

Overall, Miru Tights was a fun compilation of very short episodes with some very unique takes on ecchi content. And this was a nice little conclusion to that.

Also, I had mentioned that I felt the best episodes were the ones where all three girls were together, and this episode proved me right. Even just sitting around is fine as long as they are all together, giving us some great shots of tights!

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