Miru Tights (Episode 2) – Cosplay Selfie Tights

As the title of this episode suggests, Episode 2 of Miru Tights features Yua cosplaying in various outfits. Naturally, all of them include tights!

Cosplay Selfie Tights

As if last episode wasn’t indicator enough, this episode was a sure reminder that Miru Tights is all about featuring girls in tights, with absolute minimal effort spent on actual story.

In this episode, Yua cosplays various outfits for her Twitter followers. Her friend from school, Ren, is working at a cafe and following along on her smartphone.

And that’s it!
Plenty of images this time around, so enjoy the ecchi highlights.

Just remember, you can click on any of the images to enlarge them!

Ecchi Highlights

Cosplay #1 – Maid

Cosplay #2 – Bunny

Cosplay #3 – Nurse

Schoolgirl Images

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