Miru Tights (Episode 3) – Changing Tights

The last two episodes of Miru Tights featured tights, but they didn’t show us an important behind the scenes aspect of tights – changing them! Thankfully, Miru Tights Episode 3 hopes to clear this up.

Changing Tights

Homi seems to have torn her tights at some point, causing Ren to tease her for it. Homi then stands up to take off her tights right there in the classroom, and Ren stands up in a panic to stop her – ripping her tights in the process. But two isn’t enough! Yue then arrives and what do you know, her tights are also torn!

The three go to a change room to change their tights, and after Homi and Ren have finished, Yue accidentally rips her new pair of tights as she is putting them on. Ren laughs at this, so Yue runs her nail along Ren’s tights, ripping them. The three jump on each other, and end up leaving with more tears than when they first entered.

And now we have learned that many tights were likely torn in the making of Miru Tights. I for one will appreciate any untorn tights I see from here on out.

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Ecchi Highlights

Homi’s Tights

Ren’s Tights

Yue’s Tights


Dogpile + Aftermath

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