Miru Tights (Episode 4) – Working Tights

We’ve seen tights before, but we haven’t seen them on someone while they are working! Until now.

Working Tights

Ren works as a waitress in this episode, showing us how a pair of tights will look in a cafe environment. She serves customers, cleans tables, and mops the floor – all with a focus on the tights, of course.

I was curious as to what sort of imagery we would be treated to this time around, and it seems that working tights are very similar to the tights we’ve seen in previous episodes. It’s always good to confirm these things though, and for that I’m glad for this episode.

Quick reminder that you can click on any of the below images to enlarge them!

Ecchi Highlights

Ren Arrives & Changes

Ren Cleans A Table

Ren Mops the Floor

Ren Massages Her Foot

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