Miru Tights (Episode 5) – Swimsuit Tights

What’s in store for us next in the world of Miru Tights? Swimsuit tights, something you probably didn’t know that you needed. Don’t worry, Miru Tights has got you covered!

Swimsuit Tights

Homi is a part of the swim club, and it seems she’s going to be late for her morning practice! In order to save time, she decides to put on her swimsuit underneath her tights. When she gets to the clubroom she finds it locked and has to go get the key. And then after she gets inside and starts to change, she realizes that the schedule has changed and she’s early!

She then falls asleep only to wake up to her clubmates asking her why she is wearing tights over her swimsuit..

We then see Homi telling the story to Ren and Yua, and then she proceeds to show them her swimsuit under her skirt – only to realize she was wearing panties this time.

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Ecchi Highlights

Getting Changed

Getting Clubroom Key

Changing In The Clubroom

Falling Asleep

Waking Up

Chatting In The Classroom

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