Miru Tights (Episode 6) – Tatami and Tights

It seems that Ren, Yua, and Homi have been kept behind by their teacher in a cultural class. And so begins an episode filled with tights on the tatami!

Tatami and Tights

Ren, Yua, and Homi have been sitting on tatami floors for an hour, but they aren’t allowed to leave until they’ve performed a Japanese tradition of the likes I don’t know. Something to do with drinking tea a certain way. What’s important here is the tights.

Yua distracts Ren while she is drinking by using her foot to rub Ren’s foot, causing Ren to do the ceremony wrong. But she is saved by the bell, and the teacher has to leave. Ren then goes to get up and falls on Yua. Homi then stands up only to find that her legs are numb, and then falls to the ground.

And that’s the story.
Let’s get to the highlights!

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Ecchi Highlights

Tatami Room

Yua’s Sabotage

Teacher Leaves

Ren’s Revenge

Homi’s Fall

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