Miru Tights (Episode 7) – Temptation Tights

Ren, Yua, and Homi take a backseat in this episode centered around their beautiful and tempting teacher Okuzumi-sensei!

Temptation Tights

During a class quiz, a male student can’t seem to take his eyes off Okuzumi-sensei and her legs, which are covered by only the finest of tights. As she walks around the classroom, he watches her intently. After the quizzes have been handed in, Okuzumi-sensei visits the male student and whispers in his ear to stay behind after class.

Once the day is done and all other students have left, Okuzumi-sensei enters the classroom to find the male student alone. She then shows him his quiz, in which he scored 0 because he didn’t fill anything in. After telling him that he can trust her, she ends up asking him what exactly is his trouble..

Just as he’s about to respond by telling her that he loves her, or something like this, she shuts him up by running her foot along his legs. Then Okuzumi-sensei tells him that she will have to take responsibility if she has been distracting him in class…

We then flash forward to the evening. The male student wakes up at his desk, realizing that it was all probably just a dream. But then he notices that his shirt is unbuttoned. And then he hears something, and sees Okuzumi-sensei sitting on her desk putting her tights back onto her legs…

So far this has been the most in-depth an episode has gone in terms of story, and what a story it was! The moment Okuzumi-sensei began rattling off hentai cliches about having to take responsibility, I figured it was all just a dream. And Miru Tights obviously anticipated that, because they made it seem that way before blowing my mind with the realization that it was actually not a dream after all.

What a thriller of an episode, I’ll tell you what. I never expected such a great little story in an episode of Miru Tights, and I’m thoroughly impressed!

But enough of that, let’s get you all some highlights of the episode!
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Ecchi Highlights

Quiz Time & Dropped Pencil

Erasing the Chalkboard

After Class

It Was Just A Dream… Or Was It?

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