Miru Tights (Episode 8) – Reflexology Tights

Another episode of Miru Tights.. featuring Ren getting a foot massage from Yua! Although judging by Ren’s reactions, I get the feeling that this isn’t an ordinary foot massage..

Reflexology Tights

This episode is very straightforward. Yua finds Ren alone in the classroom after school massaging her legs because of her part time job. So Yua tells her about a sole massage that is more effective because it hits the nerve endings in the foot, or something like this. She then offers to massage Ren’s foot, which Ren apprehensively agrees to.

Yua then gives Ren what appears to be the foot massage of a lifetime. Ren is uncomfortable the entire time, and climaxes at the end. While she says it hurts during the massage, I have to wonder…

Anyways, I’d say this episode was below the standard set by previous episodes. If blushing / ahe-gao is your thing, then this episode isn’t bad. But if you’re in it for some juicy tights imagery like I am, it was a little disappointing.

I have high hopes for next episode though, and you’ll soon see why based on the episode title!

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