Miru Tights (Episode 9) – Tights Under the Kotatsu

Homi visits Yua’s house for a group study session, featuring the kotatsu in Yua’s room. This episode also features plenty of shots of their tights under the kotatsu, just as you’d expect!

Tights Under the Kotatsu

There is actually one other character in addition to Homi and Yua, and that’s Yua’s cat. Yua’s cat likes to lay under the kotatsu, so much of what we see in this episode is through the cat’s eyes.

The basic gist of this episode is as simple as any other episode of Miru Tights. This time around, Homi and Yua are studying. Eventually Homi gets bored of studying, and is distracted by the cat. And that’s it!

I’ll admit I was hoping for more imagery of tights under the kotatsu from this episode, but I suppose there is only so much they can do. Either way, this episode has all the tights that one could desire from a single episode of anime, especially considering this anime is only 5 minutes long.

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