Miru Tights (Season One)

Miru Tights, the anime that had precisely one focus, one goal.
And that was to show us anime girls in tights! Their dedication to tights is truly admirable, but how did the anime itself hold up?

Miru Tights

Miru Tights is an online exclusive short anime series that displays a true love for tights. It’s all about showing us anime girls, more specifically four characters – Ren, Yua, Homi, and their teacher, wearing tights in many different situations. In a way, you could consider this the ultimate form of slice of life anime, with episodes ranging from the school commute, to working, to simply planning a trip.

The anime features 5 minute episodes, making for some very brief stories. There’s no real depth to the individual episodes, but together the entire season manages to build up Ren, Yua, and Homi to the point where we get a good idea of their personalities. As I’ve said, this anime is about tights, and episodes are packed full of tights in different positions, with different angles. But I have to say it’s impressive that the anime still manages to bring some life to the characters, given how short the episodes are.

The Ecchi

The ecchi content, anime girls in tights, is very different from what we normally get from ecchi anime. Miru Tights doesn’t shower us with breasts, panties, and the usual (although we are treated to panties underneath tights on several occaisions). It’s all about those legs, feet, and tights, all of which Miru Tights does VERY well, with impressive detail.

I’d have to imagine that this type of ecchi is not for everyone, but it’s definitely refreshing to see a different take on ecchi content. It almost feels like this is uncharted territory, and that alone is interesting to me considering you’d think ecchi anime would have covered it all by now!

Overall, it’s a very interesting angle to take with ecchi anime, and I was quite pleased with it. Personally I wouldn’t mind seeing more “niche” ecchi anime like Miru Tights in the future. But enough words, how about some highlights from the season?

Ecchi Highlights

There were simply too many great images of tights to include them all, but you can get a good idea of what Miru Tights has to offer with these images. You can click on an image to enlarge it.

Miru Tights Trip


Story Rating: Average

Believe it or not, I’d give Miru Tights an average rating when it comes to the story. There’s not much to it, but what we did get was a series of episodes featuring the same characters, and we did get to know them pretty well. All things considered, Miru Tights isn’t much different from a slice of life anime – just replace the comedy with tights and shorter episodes.

Ecchi Rating: Smoking

It definitely feels like we use the smoking rating too often here on Ecchi Hunter, but we just know good ecchi when we see it! In this case, I’m personally going on a limb with this. The truth is, Miru Tights is very dependent on your personal tastes, so you’ll just have to make your own judgement and see if you agree on this point!

In Conclusion…

If you’re a fan of tights, feet, or legs, look no further than Miru Tights. There are no secrets here. It’s a short anime, so if you’re looking for something longer to sink your teeth into, Miru Tights is probably not the anime you are looking for. But for what it is, it’s a great little ecchi anime that knows what it’s about.

And that’s excellent.

Even if you aren’t into Miru Tights specifically, the fact that it exists at all is a great sign for anime. One can only hope that we get more short internet exclusive anime series that can continue to innovate anime. Especially so that we can get more niche ecchi series just like Miru Tights in the future!

Episodes From The Series

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