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After being hit by a truck, Rudeus awakens or rather is born into a new world in a new body. It’s a world of sword and sorcery and he’s finding that he may be able to make something of himself.

Jobless Reincarnation

Having to start again as a newborn made things tricky for Rudeus, which was his new name given to him by his parent Zenith and Paul. It wasn’t such a bad thing since he got to suck on Zenith’s boobs, but that didn’t seem to do it for him now, since she was his mother and he was a baby. Anyhow, time went on and he learnt the new language and grew accustomed to his new life. When he could, he would wear panties on his head and scare the maid…

As he got older, he discovered that his new home had only five books in them and they were all focused on magic. Rudeus had been surprised to learn that his mother was a mage and his father an adventurer. He managed to learn how to read thanks to his parents help, but took it a step further as he taught himself how to use magic in this world. His mother was delighted when he blew a hole in the side of their house and got him a tutor.

Rudeus had been expecting a haggard old wizard to be his teacher, so was pleasantly surprised when Roxy showed up and she was the perfect tsundere. She started to teach him, but wasn’t expecting him to be as competent as he was. The fact that he could cast a spell without an incantation showed great promise. After thirty-four years as a jobless shut-in, he’s almost excited to see what he can accomplish with this new life.

Episode Thoughts

I really enjoyed this episode. So far, it’s a pretty standard Isekai where we get to learn all about the new world along with the main character. Of course, he’s a shut-in pervert and has remembered everything from his previous life. It was pretty funny watching him terrorize the maid and crawling around with panties on his head. I also enjoyed the scenes where he was developing his magical abilities and Roxy seems like she is going to be a lot of fun too. I’m excited to see how this series develops. It was fairly ecchi-lite at this stage, but that’s fine.

Ecchi Highlights

The End!

Mushoku Tensei Jobless Reincarnation Episode 1 We're losing him

New Life!

The Maid!


The Tutor!

Mushoku Tensei Jobless Reincarnation Episode 1 Rudeus' Tutor Roxy

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  1. To be (brutally) honest, I barely make it through this premiere episode during my seasonal watch of it. It somehow reminded me (a few times) of that blundered series’ godawful first episode back in previous winter. I don’t know if I should like how Rudeus’ growing up stages being written like this, but I got really uncomfortable and wasn’t laughing at the way he looked at the maid with his new mom’s panties over his head.

    Don’t get me wrong. I was watching this series with my own free will. As usual, not everyone can like a series wholeheartedly, especially when it’s (somehow) daring & unorthodox given Rudeus is mostly written with the questionable Chivalrous Pervert trope. I stayed for the world-building of his new world and how he’s not another OP male protagonist that I always see in many of those “copy-and-paste-with-improper-execution” isekai stories.

    Also we got to see how he’s traumatized to step outside of his house. You’ve to observe his body language closely; otherwise, one would think he’s another flawless male protagonist. He’s somehow feel like a real person when it comes to remembering his past life. That said, I’m not rooting for him to do creepy pervert antics towards the female characters we’ve seen so far.

    Then again, if someone forced me which to rewatch (Jobless Reincarnation or Plunderer), I’ll take the former no matter what. At least I can reassured that Roxy didn’t fall for Rudeus that fast like that other blue-haired main heroine.

    • For me the creepy perverted toddler was such an odd idea that I couldn’t help but laugh at it. Whether that was actual laughter or a ‘did they really do that’ moment, I’m not sure.

      I’ll admit, I have already completed the first season and there are some eye opening moments for sure. Rudeus is far from a perfect person… a long, long way to be sure, but he is interesting and his back story is fairly horrific.

      I also felt that his progression is far more natural than any of Plunderer’s cast. He started a pervert and is slowly pulling himself together. I like that it’s a slow process and not a fixed overnight issue.

      I think there’s a lot more to this series that the very questionable protagonist.

      • Ah~ that’s what you meant: an odd idea. I believe the only genuine comedic timing for me was when Rudeus shoots his Water Magic (with half of his incantation) for nature’s wind blew Roxy’s skirt and he got flustered when he happens to get a glimpse of her panties.

        I’m glad Rudeus’ tragic past life is revealed straightaway despite the exposition dump. In Licht’s case, there was no single indication/hint he had a tragic past life; despite saying “Aces are murderers” line, it feels poorly executed that there was no flashback shown given the series was handled by an anime studio being a hatchling.

        The way he flip flops his personality like it’s a normal thing to do is too far-fetched; not to mention he’s a 300+ year old character so it’s unbelievable he’s been goofing around until the so-called plot twist happened. I mean, later on, we find out Licht’s past life is so traumatising. But the first 8 episodes see him enjoying life when he actually knew the country is man-made for 300+ years. I mean why was he caught off guard when ep 8’s ending scene happened? And why did he take action in executing his revenge in ep 20? Now that’s the worst-written perverted protagonist I’ve ever seen given he could’ve gone to the capital city in the very first episode for revenge but no. He was groping women and the foreshadowing was overwhelmed by his stupid groping & creepy perverted behaviour.

        I should be glad that Rudeus’ character development is well-developed unlike Licht’s and the foreshadowing the world was offering hints naturally that becomes vital in the next several episodes.

  2. Rudy’s behavior would be easier to watch if the 30 year old voice as put over it.

    But honestly? I think people are ragging on this plot point a bit to much. Yes, his personality is not supposed to be good. You’re not supposed to be like “yeah, atta boy!” It’s clear that this is his second chance at life, but such changes take time.

    And isn’t that what people want? For an isekai show to actually have meaningful and solid character development? Not just flipping a switch and going. “Oh, I guess I’m a better person now, let’s go!”

    • Absolutely. At the moment, he’s not a good person, but he is interesting. Also, if he changed in a blink of the eye it would be meaningless.

      We’re watching him making steps towards a better life, realizing how bad his life was before. He’s going to slip up. Old habits are hard to break. I’m here to see him walk that road to redemption and find out whether he makes it or not.

      • I’ve watched too many Isekai where the characters are so fucking barebones, (and I liked a lot of them!) that I took one look at what Jobless was doing, and almost fell down to my knees in joy.

        • Indeed. That second episode really kicks you in the gut. I wasn’t expecting to get bummed out watching this show, but it made Ruseus’ character fascinating.

          I have seen the whole season and written up all my reviews. Without giving too much away, I really enjoyed this season and can’t wait for the next part.

          • Amen, it is my frontrunner for Anime of the Year right now, and frankly there is little out at the moment that can beat it.

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