Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation (Episode 10) – The Value of a Life and the First Job

Mushoku Tensei Jobless Reincarnation Title

After wandering the barren lands of the Demon Continent, they arrive at a city. Rudeus disguises Ruijerd as a Migurd so that they can enter. Once inside, they join the adventurer’s guild and look for work.

The Value of a Life and the First Job

Security for the city is tight as there’s been a sighting of Dead End. Unfortunately, that is one of the nicknames Ruijerd goes by. Rudeus colours Ruijerd’s hair blue and disguises him as a Migurd so that they can enter. The city is incredible and Eris can’t contain her excitement about living like this. She’s worried for Ghislaine and her grandfather, but this is the adventure she’s dreamed about.

In order to make some money, Rudeus decides that they should join the adventurer’s guild and take some jobs. However, as rookies, they can only take certain jobs such as finding missing cats. It seems like all is lost but then when Rudeus goes to sleep, he is met by the god again and told to take the missing cat job and all their problems will be solved.

Ruijerd uses his third eye to track down the cat. They end up in a cave with a lot of different pets. Then, three other people enter – the catnappers. Rudeus restrains them and goes to ask questions, however, one of them kicks Rudeus across the room. Before anyone can react, Ruijerd removes the demon’s head.

Rudeus manages to talk down Ruijerd and then tells the surviving adventurers how this is going to work. They will rank up so that they can take B class quests while Rudeus will take F class. Then they swap. This way they can take on higher-paying quests and make more money faster.

Episode Thoughts

I was not expecting anything like this episode when I started watching this series, but I am so glad the story has taken this route. This is turning into a fantasy epic and I am completely on board with that. They have a fantastic mix of characters with Rudeus, Eris, and Ruijerd. It should keep this from getting remotely boring, not that it was heading that way.

So, it looks like we are almost certianly not going to reach some sort of resolution in the story by the end of the next episode and I’m fine with that… as long as we get more… and would you believe it, it looks like we will. I can see a second season has been penned in for summer 2021, so that shouls be starting soon. Great news.

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  1. Sorry to let you know that the second cour has been delayed to this October due to “various circumstances”.

    What I love about this episode is how Rudeus gets culture shock in the form of Ruijerd chopping that beast-person(?) head like it’s no big deal. If you’ve seen Eris’ reaction in her “Hmmph! He deserved that death!” face, this goes to show that this magical world Rudeus is in has remind him (once again?) that it’s not lawful like the modern world his previous life was in. There’s no police or authoritative figures in the magical world to arrest or put these criminals on trial.

    I guess this is where Rudeus has to make loads of effort to convince Ruijerd to refrain from using violent killing methods even if someone has double-cross, stole or threaten them.

    • Yeah, I’d heard that. Sucks, but at least it’s still coming.

      Rudeus gets some hard truths about the world which is interesting to see. He’s slowly adapting to the reality and his character is being tested too. I think this is the best part of the story – seeing how Rudeus will better himself.

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