Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation (Episode 11) – Children and Warriors

Mushoku Tensei Jobless Reincarnation Title

Things seem to be going well for Rudeus and Dead End. However, they take on a job that two other parties have signed up for and things take a horrific turn. Will they be able to shake this setback or spiral into darkness?

Children and Warriors

They’ve taken on several quests and done well from it so far. The latest quest is to visit the Petrified Forest and investigate a mysterious monster. If they kill it, there’s even more of a reward. However, when they get there, there are two other parties all looking for the same monster. One party is the other group of rookies that they met earlier.

Ruijerd insists on watching over them as they are children in his eyes, no different to Eris and Rudeus. The young adventurers advance through the foresting, seemingly without a care until they are ambushed by two monsters. Ruijerd wants to save them but Rudeus tells him to wait. It’ll be better if they swoop in at the last second…

Unfortunately, that last second was a moment ago. One of the adventurers is cleaved in two and sent flying through the air. Ruijerd and Eris leap into action slaying the two monsters that have them cornered. Ruijerd is furious at Rudeus, but is stopped by one of the surviving adventurers who takes the blame himself for not realising how dangerous the quest was.

Eventually, they find the monster and the third party which has also been slain. They fight and eventually win, however, when they return to town, the adventurer that looks like a horse has worked out their scheme and is trying to extort them. Rudeus us ready to kill him, but Ruijerd pours water over his head and reveals his true identity. He threatens the adventurer and then leaps away.

Rudeus and Eris leave the city and catch up with Ruijerd. They have a talk and agree to move on as a party rather than individuals.

Episode Thoughts

This episode ended with a “See you in season two” image and I love those images. It’s always nice to get to the end of a series, especially one you’ve been enjoying and know that it will continue. This episode was fantastic. So much tension and drama, plus some incredible action. Eris’ training with the sword has proven to be incredibly useful and Ruijerd is unstoppable.

I’ll admit that I started this series to see what everyone was getting upset about, but I have loved every minute of it. Sure, Rudeus is not the standup guy that you want to hang around with, but his story is fascinating and I love how he is slowly redeeming himself. It’s far more believable than a quick transformation. Bring on season two.

Ecchi Highlights

Roxy comes home!

The Hunt!

Out in the Open!

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