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Mushoku Tensei Jobless Reincarnation Title

Rudeus has been studying hard with Roxy. It’s almost like he’s actually trying to do something with his new life… well, something and looking at panties. He’s not changed that much!


One evening when Rudeus was going to walk in on his parents in bed, he saw Roxy listening at their door. Rather than say or do anything, he slipped back into his room. Could this be progress? Probably not. The next morning during class he caught a glimpse of her panties and then worked some of the lines he’d learned from dating sims, which worked surprisingly well.

With Rudeus quickly learning everything Roxy could teach him, it was time to take his final test. That would be the end of her tutoring as she would have nothing left to teach him. It’s hard for Roxy too as she can’t seem to get her head around how Rudeus can perform spells without the incantation, but she pushes on all the same.

Rudeus, however, is terrified of leaving his home thanks to the trauma he’d suffered in his past life. The trauma that turned him into a shut-in! Roxy forced him to take those steps to move past it and showed him her strongest spell, accidentally striking their horse with lightning… If Rudeus could copy the spell, Roxy’s work would be done. Not only did he copy it, but he bettered it. Roxy left to continue her studies. Rudeus was forever grateful to her for what she did to him, however, it didn’t stop him from stealing her panties…

Episode Thoughts

When I started this series, I really wasn’t expected to get bummed out like this. Seeing what happened to Rudeus in his past life was hard to watch. Bullying is one thing that I absolutely cannot stand. Sure, Rudeus is weird and a pervert, but what happened to him should never happen to anyone. It gave his character some great depth and the fact that he didn’t change that much fit with his character. There’s no way he’s going to get over something like that and return to a completely normal person (if that’s what normal is?). Sad back story aside, I am still enjoying this series.

Ecchi Highlights

Wasn’t Expecting That!



Final Test!


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