Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation (Episode 3) – A Friend

Mushoku Tensei Jobless Reincarnation Title

Now that Roxy has freed Rudeus from his self-imposed prison, he takes advantage of it by going out to play. However, he sees three boys bullying another and has to step in. His new friend is in awe of his magic, so he agrees to teach them.

A Friend

While on his first trip outside his house, Rudeus comes across three boys throwing mud at another. He hates to see it, especially given all he’s been through, so he stops them, hitting them with balls of water. They run off, leaving Rudeus to help the victim. He cleans the mud off their hair and introduces himself. The new friend is called Sylph and has green hair and long pointy-ears.

Sylph is amazed at Rudeus magical abilities and asks that he teach them. He agrees and continues to challenge the ideas that are prevalent in this world about magic. Eventually, he even manages to teach Sylph to use magic without saying the incantation out loud.

After a sudden rain shower, they run back to Rudeus house where the maid has prepared a bath. Rudeus undresses and tells Sylph to do the same else they’ll get sick. Sylph isn’t keen on the idea, but Rudeus surprises them and pulls Sylph’s underpants off. He’s shocked and horrified to discover that Sylph is a girl. His father tries to give him some advice, but Rudeus just seems to make things worse. Eventually, they do manage to chat and things return to normal.

Episode Thoughts

So, I thought it was pretty obvious that Sylph was a girl from the beginning, but I can see why Rudeus might get confused. That said, when Sylph refused to undress, that should have been enough to make him stop. I thought it odd that he would do that after what he went through back in his previous life. Otherwise, I really enjoyed the episode and think the dynamic with Rudeus and his parents is an interesting one. The fact that Rudeus has all of his previous life memories would make for some bizarre parenting situations. Not really any ecchi moments, but Rudeus Mom is hot so that’ll hold us for now.

Ecchi Highlights

Going Out!


The Fall-out!

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