Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation (Episode 4) – Emergency Family Meeting

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Zenith is pregnant which makes both Paul and Rudeus happy. However, Lilia, the maid, is also pregnant and Paul is probably the father! It’s going to take some quick thinking for Rudeus to keep his family together.

Emergency Family Meeting

So, Paul and Zenith managed to conceive a second child. For a while there, they were beginning to worry. However, not long after the news, the maid, Lilia reveals that she too is pregnant. Who could possibly be the father? It’s probably Paul! Zenith asks Lilia what she plans on doing and is surprised to hear that Lilia will assist with the childbirth and then head home, which is a month away with a newborn.

Rudeus cannot let that happen. He can too easily picture Lilia passing out on the way and both mother and baby dying. This is his chance to repay her for not telling anyone about Roxy’s panties… I mean Holy Relic. He puts on his best charm to convince Zenith to let Lilia stay and keep the family together. She agrees, but she’s not done with Paul just yet.

Worried that he was stagnating Rudeus considered leaving the village to improve himself, however, Sylph was not happy with the idea and made him promise to stay. Then, Rudeus received a letter from Roxy telling him to attend a magic university. Rudeus asks his father to pay for him and Sylph to attend, but he refuses. So, Rudeus asks him to help him get a job so that he can pay for Sylph.

Not long after that, a mysterious carriage stops outside their house. A woman gets out… a beast-woman. She appears to be friends with Paul and Zenith. Paul asks Rudeus if he told him to stay away from Sylph would he do it? Of course, Rudeus says no, so Paul knocks him out with his training sword. Rudeus wakes in the carriage to find that he is now working with the beast-woman, Ghislaine!

Episode Thoughts

Paul, you dirty dog! This episode was pretty funny and had a lot of great moments. It also showed us that while Paul might be the skilled adventurer, he’s still a hopeless horndog. You might say that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, but Rudeus is clearly a more sensitive and thoughtful person than Paul, even with his issues. I will say that I love the inappropriate father-son conversations these two have. They are hilarious.

All of that doesn’t really matter, however, as we now have the real reason to watch this series. Her name is Ghislaine… Seriously, she is spectacular. I really hope we get to see a lot more of Ghislaine. We’re bound to see more in the next episode, but will that be enough! Also, Lilia… I knew she was hot, but the old washing with the door open seduction technique… you sly fox, you!

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Happy Family!

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