Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation (Episode 6) – A Day Off in Roa

Mushoku Tensei Jobless Reincarnation Title

Rudeus begins teaching Eris, although she’s only interested in learning about magic. Ghislaine, however, is quite keen to learn as she’s experienced what it’s like being alone and not able to read and do math.

A Day Off in Roa

Rudeus gets a chance to meet more of the Greyrat family and it pretty much confirms why Eris is the way she is. Anyhow, he gets the job and is tasked with teaching Eris (and Ghislaine) reading, writing, math, and magic. It should be easy if it was anyone other than Eris. She constantly gets bored, punches Rudeus and runs off.

His only hope is to find a way to engage her. Luckily, Ghislaine has some sad stories from her days adventuring about how she wished she could read, write, and do math. Seriously, why would you tarnish this beautiful goddess with these images?

Anyhow, after some hard work, they take the day off to go to the market. Rudeus is busy making notes about the price of things and uses that to asks Eris and Ghislaine some questions. Surprisingly, Ghislaine seems to be getting a better handle on things than Eris. While shopping, Rudeus is shown a medicine that will make any girls insatiable horny. He considers it a good gift for his dad, however, he doesn’t buy it!

Rudeus did manage to discuss money with Eris and successfully got her an allowance. To thank him, she bought the medicine he was eyeing up at the market. They ask him what it’s for and he panics. Ghislaine restrains him and Eris tickles him to get the details out of him…

Episode Thoughts

It was a much slower episode, but we did get to see a lot more of Ghislaine so it’s all good. Eris continues to annoy me. I said that I didn’t see it ending and it doesn’t look like it will. There was a moment where I felt like Rudeus wasn’t acting completely in character. I get he’s a lonely pervert who’s been shut away from reality for a long time, but trying to remove Eris’ panties while she slept seemed like a step too far for him. Admittedly, he got instant karma so that was good.

I’m curious to see how the demon lord Laplace plays into things and also the significance of the floating fortress. Feels like they were setting up some things for the future, and I’m already looking forward to seeing if they develop that.

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The Market!

A Gift!

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  1. Again, this was another uncomfortable episode during my seasonal watch of this series because Rudeus’ sexual assault on sleeping Eris & the seller encouraging a pre-teen kid to buy the aphrodisiac from him happening in the same episode takes up a notch for the uncomfortability level.

    Unless these scenes are the backup proof of many avid fans claiming the medieval culture encourages sexual activities to anyone including pre-teen kids, then I’m glad I was born in this era where selling aphrodisiac in today’s era is a heavy offense crime with long jail time (regardless of the corruption & misogyny still existing in this era).

    And yes, Eris is an annoying brat, but somehow most of her portrayal are realistic given her father spoiled her too much at a very young age. I remembered my classmate’s rude grandma was spoiled too much & didn’t get lectured for her wrongdoings so I’m glad Eris is getting lectured by Rudeus regardless of me not approving his overly sexual desires.

    • It’s true that age was viewed very differently during these periods. I’m certainly not condoning it, although it would seem somewhat unrealistic for a culture at that stage to be vastly different.

      Rudeus trying to remove Eris panties as she slept was a low point for him and it shows just how out of touch with reality he is as a result of his self-confinement.

      He’s also not had anyone push back against him in this world either. His father, his uncle, all of the characters have pretty much given him to green light to continue. It would have been nice if he’d learned from the incident with Sylph.

      I think we will see more and more opportunities for Rudeus to grow and make amends for his actions. It would also be unrealistic for it to all happen at once or on the first opportunity.

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