Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation (Episode 7) – What Lies Beyond Effort

Mushoku Tensei Jobless Reincarnation Title

Rudeus is approached by another tutor and asked if she can take some of his lesson time as Eris needs to learn how to dance for her tenth birthday. He’s happy to gain some free time and decides to learn some languages!

What Lies Beyond Effort

With all this free time, Rudeus asks Philip if he can borrow some books. Turns out Philip is a massive furry too and recommends that Rudeus attempts to learn Beast-God language. There’s also Demon-God, but that is proving to be quite tricky. After a while not getting anywhere, Rudeus writes to Roxy to ask for some advice.

He also manages to finish his figurine of Roxy and sells it at the marketplace. Unfortunately, it makes its way to the Prince who Roxy is currently tutoring and she’s a little disturbed by it. Anyhow, she put together a textbook to help Rudeus learn Demon-God.

The other pressing issue is the fact that Eris is not very good at dancing and running out of time and patience. Her dancing instructor asks Rudeus for help. He sees some of his old life in her attitude towards learning and it worries him. After a little talk, however, he convinces her to return and helps by partnering with her.

At Eris’ tenth birthday party, she tries to dance with another noble and fails miserably. Rudeus steps up and tries to help her out. He tells her to close her eyes and to react as if facing a feint in sword fighting. It works and she sails through the dance, however, all eyes are now on Rudeus.

The next morning, Rudeus wakes in the same bed as Eris and goes to play a prank on her, but thinks better of it. Could he be growing as a person? It certainly seems that way. He goes for a walk and finds Sauros with one of the beast-girls. Sauros shows Rudeus a strange object in the sky!

Episode Thoughts

It was another slower episode in which not a lot happened. However, it was still good and showed how Rudeus was growing into his new life. He even had the chance to do something perverted and didn’t. It’s crazy to expect someone to change their ways quickly, especially after being set in his ways for so long, so I am enjoying his gradual growth. It feels more real.

The dance was fun and a little awkward, but whatever. It was nice to see Rudeus step up. Of course, the real star of the series was once again Ghislaine, which is why she dominates the highlights.

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The Dance!

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