Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation (Episode 8) – Turning Point 1

Mushoku Tensei Jobless Reincarnation Title

It’s almost Rudeus’ tenth birthday and Eris is planning a surprise party. Of course, Rudeus has worked it out and plans on making it a birthday no one will forget. But then, the strange item in the sky is causing concern.

Turning Point 1

So, Rudeus saw Eris and Ghislaine planning for his tenth birthday and decides to make a thing of it. Later on, he works out what the day is and with Ghislaine to distract him, he gets the chance to see just how far she’ll go to keep him occupied. He shows her a figurine he had made of her, but it has no tail. He says he doesn’t know how it works and asks to see the base of her tail.

Without hesitation, she turns around and drops her pants, showing him her tail and rock hard ass. Seriously, she could break stones with those muscles. Rudeus asks to touch it and she says yes. A maid walks in to tell them that dinner is ready and isn’t quite ready for what she finds…

At the surprise birthday party, Rudeus puts on the act, crying on demand. That results in Sauros deciding to murder the head of Rudeus’ branch of the family and putting Rudeus in his place. He’s promptly dragged out of the party before he can do anything else. Then, Rudeus asks if his family were coming, but monsters have made it impossible to travel. Philip wife rushes to Rudeus and pulls him into her bosom. Score!

She says that he is her child now. In fact, he should marry Eris and become the air to the main branch of the family. This is surprisingly something that Philip is also all right with. He even offers to have Eris delivered to his room. Rudeus declines, but he’s not sure he made the right choice, especially when he finds Eris in his room. He tries things on and takes it too far, forcing Eris to kick him and run. She comes back, however, and accepts his apology.

The strange thing in the sky appears to be a gathering of mana and it has all the powerhouses of this world concerned. Meanwhile, Rudeus has taken Eris and Ghislaine out of the city to show them his strongest magic, but they are attacked by someone from the floating fortress and then the sky explodes with light!

Episode Thoughts

This was a really good episode. I particularly enjoyed everyone’s reactions at the birthday party, especially Sauros. The scene with Rudeus and Eris was a little awkward and I’m glad it didn’t go any further. However, Ghislaine has once again outshone everyone. She is fearless. Absolutely nothing fazes her.

The final few scenes were interesting and showed us a glimpse of all the different factions concerned about the strange object in the sky. Could it be the return of Laplace? Only time will tell, but things are clearly about to get very interesting.

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  1. The ass of steel was always a good laugh.

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