Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation (Episode 9) – A Chance Encounter

Mushoku Tensei Jobless Reincarnation Title

Rudeus wakes in an ethereal plane and is greeted by a being claiming to be a god that has been watching him. He’s back in his old body and none too pleased about it. However, it’s not real. The god tells him to trust a man!

A Chance Encounter

Rudeus wakes from the ethereal plane and finds himself back in his new body beside a campfire. Eris is with him, although she’s still asleep. On the far side of the fire is a man with green hair and a red jewel embedded in his forehead – a Superd! Everyone has told him to be afraid, but not the god-like being. Who should he trust?

Rudeus greets the Superd who is surprised at his reactions. Soon enough, Eris wakes and shows how the normal person would react to meeting a Superd. Rudeus manages to calm her down and they very soon all become friends. The Superd is called Ruijerd and he plans on helping them to get back to their home.

On the way, they stop at a village and discover that it is Roxy’s home and also that Roxy is something like forty-four years old… Everyone there appears to be so young. They meet with the chief and discuss the future. Ruijerd then tells Rudeus about how his people were betrayed by the demon-god Laplace.

Something about the hopelessness of Ruijerd’s story resonates with Rudeus who promises to help Ruijerd in any way he can. They head off on their journey after saying goodbye to Roxy’s parents. Will they make it home and how will Ruijerd be received at the next city?

Episode Thoughts

So things have taken quite the turn and I’m loving it. It feels like we now have a real isekai adventure to contend with. I like how everything in this world appears to be somewhat false. It’s as if someone has built up these rumours and made them stick. The story of the Superd is similar to the idea that you need to say the incantation to perform the spell. I like that Rudeus is questioning every assumption.

I have no idea where things are going to go from here, but I can’t wait to find out. There are just two episodes left and I think I would be horrified if this story was wrapped up in that amount of time, so I can only assume that we’re in for a bit of a cliffhanger ending to season one. Exciting times are ahead of us!

Ecchi Highlights

A Meeting with a God!

The Adventure Begins!

Roxy’s Home?

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