My Wife is the Student Council President! (Episode 10) – Sawatari-san’s Midsummer Presentation

My Wife is the Student Council President Title

Hiyato helps Rin’s friend, Sawatari who has overdone it carrying heavy books, but while at the nurse’s room, she overhears something that spikes her suspicions. Will she uncover Hiyato’s secrets?

Sawatari-san’s Midsummer Presentation

It was a huge bag of books, almost as big as Sawatari herself, so it was no surprise that she dropped to the floor and almost passed out. Luckily, Hiyato was on hand to help her out and took her to the nurse’s room. He messaged Ui and told her what happened. She told him to stay with Sawatari and also what she’d like for dinner.

Sawatari overhead Hiyato talking to himself about the message and realised that something was up. She followed him home, which he noticed. However, when he turned and yelled at her to stop, she had an accident… Of course, Hiyato took her back to his house and let her clean up. Once she was done, she flashed her clean panties at him, or the ones that he gave her and asked if they were the president’s!

Hiyato denied it, claiming they were his, but Sawatari wasn’t having any of it. She then surprisingly pushed for him to consider Rin as a partner too! She even offered to show him pictures of Rin from her secret folder. As if that wasn’t enough, she offered herself as a bonus if her chose Rin. Of course, he continued to refuse so she pushed him to the groung and threatened to sit on his face!

That was the moment that Ui walked in and didn’t seem that surprised that Sawatari was there, but got flustered when asked why she liked Hiyato! Sawatari left determined to help Rin get Hiyato, no matter what it took!

Episode Thoughts

Well, this was an unexpected turn of events. Not the idea that Rin liked Hiyato, that seemed pretty obvious, but the fact that Sawatari, Rin’s friend was so determined to get him to choose her that she was going to give herself away in the deal. This, of course, adds to the already awkward situation for Hiyato, which makes it that much better for us. Awkward, accidental ecchi comedy is pretty much my favourite type so this series is really hitting it home for me.

Ecchi Highlights

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