My Wife is the Student Council President! (Episode 11) – The President Turns Sixteen

My Wife is the Student Council President Title

It’s Ui’s birthday and she’s now old enough to get married! So, what is Hiyato going to get her for her birthday? What indeed! Luckily, Sawatari shows up to return the panties he lent her and has a gift for him too!

The President Turns Sixteen

That’s right! It’s Ui’s birthday and she’s hoping for something special from Hiyato. He’s not got anything yet but is planning on heading out when Sawatari shows up at the door. She’s returning the panties he lent her and also has a thank you gift – it’s a rather racy sheer camisole! Rin told her about Hiyato’s cross-dressing fetish so it seems appropriate.

He goes back inside and hides the gift from Ui, who upon hearing about the panties, asks if her panties she gave him are being treated well. Has he licked them or rubbed them on his face… He, of course, denies it, but we all know he’s lying. Anyhow, he hurries off to take care of the laundry, leaving the gift on the side.

When he returns to the apartment, Ui is wearing the camisole and seems quite delighted with her birthday present. Hiyato accepts the credit but is also quite grateful to Sawatari for the gift. However, he gets a little embarrassed about her jumping around the apartment and tells her to change.

Ui sees the outfit herself for the first time and is mortified that she didn’t realise how see-through it is. However, she decides to surprise Hiyato once more but finds him sleeping so curls up beside him. He wakes to find her there and things get a little hot and heavy. Happy birthday, Ui!

Episode Thoughts

So, it’s been a good run. I’m sure the feds will be around soon to take us all away… Seriously though, this was a hot, hot, hot episode and we should all thank Sawatari for her choice of gift for Hiyato. I had to laugh when Ui asked about whether he was treating her panties right, and even harder at what she believed to be the appropriate treatment. This series is hilarious and super spicy. I hope you’re enjoying it as much as I am.

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