My Wife is the Student Council President! (Episode 14) – Late Summer Festival with the Disciplinary Committee Head

My Wife is the Student Council President Title

Hiyato and Ui have invited the disciplinary committee to come to the festival with them. As the girls are getting ready, Hiyato walks in and accidentally sees Rin’s boobs. Good luck getting that image out of your head!

Late Summer Festival with the Disciplinary Committee Head

For whatever reason, Ui invited Rin and Sawatari to come to the festival with her and Hiyato. Maybe it’s an attempt to heal the rift between the student council and the disciplinary committee. Anyhow, the stranger thing is that they all go to Hiyato’s house to change into their yukatas. Hiyato can only listen as his mind wanders.

Then, he hears a scream and runs in to see if everyone is all right. Unfortunately… or not… Ui is in the middle of helping Rin with her bra and Hiyato sees her boobs! Rin’s boobs! He tries to apologize and explain what happened, but there’s no way he’s going to forget that sight!

Every time he looks at her at the festival, his gaze is drawn to her boobs. It’s impossible for him to look anywhere else and it’s starting to annoy Rin. In an attempt to brush it off, Hiyato declares that he doesn’t even like big boobs… yeah, right! Rin gets angry and then runs off.

The hardest thing for Rin is that she doesn’t seem to mind Hiyato looking at her boobs. Luckily, he finds her and apologizes again. Before they can rejoin the group someone bumps into Hiyato, sending him tumbling face-first into Rin’s boobs. The force unclips her bra bouncing him away.

Rin then drags him away from the main path and tells him to touch her boobs. She’d rather he gets it out of his system now than at school. He can’t believe his luck and has a good feel. However, when Rin moans out loud, she gets embarrassed and punches Hiyato. They return to the festival where Ui is suspicious of Hiyato.

Episode Thoughts

So this is what I’m here for. Not only was this a festival episode which means yukatas… there are few things sexier than a nice yukata… and it focused on the number one girl, Rin. I’m still convinced that Hiyato likes Rin more than he likes Ui and given the choice he would go with Rin. The whole arranged marriage situation makes that a problem, and the fact that Ui is a nice girl too. She’s just not Rin. This was a great episode and I hope we get many more with a Rin focus.

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The Festival!

Hiyato Finds Rin!

They’re Back!

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