My Wife is the Student Council President! (Episode 15) – The Student Council President and the Photography Club President

My Wife is the Student Council President Title

An underground website has returned selling compromising pictures of the student body… Ui is determined to take it down, and even more so when she discovers they have something on Rin!

The Student Council President and the Photography Club President

Hiyato was approached by a student claiming to be his best friend who showed him a website with lewd photographs of girls from their school. He even gave him a set of panty shots. Of course, Hiyato reported this back to the student council where Karen accused him of buying a set. Although she seemed to have a rather detailed knowledge of what was available so she probably bought a set too!

Regardless, Ui is determined to close it down. When they arrive at the Photography Club’s room, they overhear Rin Misumi inside telling them to remove it too. Ui goes in and backs up Rin, however, the president of the club, Saijou Honoka approaches Hiyato and Rin and tells them that she took some interesting photos at the festival…

Rin and Hiyato are horrified. Ui is annoyed, but it does give her a chance to win over Rin if she can get hold of the data and destroy it. So, Ui goes back and searches the club room. As they’re there, Saijou offers to show them how the club works, including a rather saucy picture of Rin.

Rin, who had somehow appeared, tells them that it’s a fake as she doesn’t own any black lacy underwear. Realising that they have discovered the truth, Saijou begins to strip. Ui hurries to cover Hiyato’s eyes as the other members of the all-girl photography club also undress. It would appear that they take photos of themselves in their underwear and then photoshop other girls’ heads onto their bodies.

While this was going on, Ui switched the memory card and then destroyed it. She told Saijou that her club now works for her. What that means, however, is not clear!

Episode Thoughts

This was a fun episode, although it was a lot calmer than some of the other ones. The introduction of the photography club was fun and certainly gave us more girls to look at. Saijou seems like she will be entertaining, although who knows how much she’ll be in it going forward. This was probably the weakest episode so far but was still good.

Ecchi Highlights

Underground Photography Website!

Visiting the Photography Club!

A Fake!

The Photography Club Revealed!

Ui Wins!

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