My Wife is the Student Council President! (Episode 17) – The Vice President’s Long Night

My Wife is the Student Council President Title

Ui is looking sexier than usual, however, it’s just because she has a fever. Luckily, Kei lives next door and she’s the school nurse. Kei gives Hiyato some medicine to give to Ui, however, she’s not willing to administer it herself!

The Vice President’s Long Night

Ui is sweating and groaning and moaning. She seems uncomfortable in her clothes and they seem to want to slide off her. Hiyato, however, cannot believe what he is seeing and after a while of conflicted thoughts, he checks her temperature. She most definitely has a fever. So, he makes her some porridge to make her feel better. Of course, Ui is too weak to feed herself so Hiyato will have to do it.

Unfortunately, Hiyato puts too much on the spoon and it ends up all over her hot, sweaty body. Ui licks some off his fingers and Hiyato almost loses control. Luckily for him, the doorbell rings. He finds Kei, Rin’s older sister and his neighbour standing at the door with some food. Hiyato asks her to come in and check on Ui.

After a thorough examination, Kei tells Hiyato that it’s a cold and gives him some medicine for Ui. It is, of course, a suppository… To make matters worse, Ui is unable to administer it herself and asks Hiyato to help! He reluctantly agrees and is shocked when she bends over and drops her panties.

Slightly embarrassed, Hiyato puts a towel on her and then attempts to find her bum blind. This doesn’t go nearly as well as he had hoped, but he does eventually find the right place and pushes it in. Ui wasn’t nearly as ready as she thought she was.

However, with the medicine finally in, she decides that maybe they should take things further. Luckily, Kei also gave Hiyato a condom. Unluckily, Ui presses herself against his crotch and he… shall we say, arrives a little too soon.

Episode Thoughts

Oh my! This episode really pushed the boundaries between ecchi and hentai, even more so than a similar scene in Why the hell are you here, Teacher?! It was a pretty hilarious scene and a heartbreaking ending for Hiyato. Kei was a delight and her examination of Ui was pretty as you would expect from the school nurse that mounted an unconscious Hiyato who was dressed as a woman… It’s crazy, but it’s a lot of fun.

Ecchi Highlights

Something’s not right!

Something to eat!

Hello, Nurse!

Take your Medicine!

Unhappy Ending!

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