My Wife is the Student Council President! (Episode 18) – A Dangerous Afternoon with Niikura-san

My Wife is the Student Council President Title

Student council member, Niikura is curious about having a boyfriend and asks if she might borrow Hiyato for a date so that she can gain some experience. Surprisingly, Ui agrees and off they go!

A Dangerous Afternoon with Niikura-san

Niikura has noticed a lot more couples since the president started her campaign. That’s got her thinking that she would like to find a boyfriend, but she has no experience. So, in order to gain some more experience and improve her chances, Niikura asks Ui if she could borrow Hiyato for a date. Initially, Ui is against the idea, but slowly comes around and lets Niikura borrow him…

So, with no say in the matter, Hiyato takes Niikura shopping. Standing outside the changing room, he can only wait while Niikura tries on some clothes. However, the shop attendent tells Hiyato that the changing rooms are really big and he can go in with her.

She asks what he thinks of her outfit and he says she looks cute, which gets her a little embarrassed. After a moment, Niikura asks Hiyato to turn around so that she can change back to her clothes. He does, however, the mirror is directly in front of him and he can see everything. Even when Niikura accidentally removes her panties.

Niikura was shocked and tried to quickly put them back on, however, she falls back and lands on Hiyato’s head. That lead to a lot of moaning and squealing which caught the attention of the shop attendant and the mysterious girl lurking inside the shop.

Hiyato ends the date with a walk in the park and some crepes… well, that’s what he thought. Niikura wants to end it by going to the love hotel… She even got a condom from the school nurse… Niikura goes to kiss Hiyato, but the mysterious girl emerges from the bushes and stops them. It’s Ui! Niikura then suggests that they all go to the love hotel together. Ui agrees since Hiyato is her boyfriend for the day too!

Episode Thoughts

It’s a very simple premise, but I can’t fault the execution. This episode was very funny and quite raunchy too. Who would have thought that Niikura would be so forward? I’ll bet Kelly will be kicking herself when she finds out as she’s got a soft spot for Ui. The strangest thing with shows like this is the MC’s reaction to these sort of wild propositions. There’s just no way anyone in a real-world situation like that would be angry at the idea of a threesome. Anyhow, it was another great episode.

Ecchi Highlights

May I Borrow Something?!

The Date!


End it Right!

Stop! Let’s all go to the Love Hotel!!!

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