My Wife is the Student Council President! (Episode 2) – The Student Council President and Dinner at Home

My Wife is the Student Council President Title

Hayato wakes up to find the Student Council President sleeping next to him, even though he gave her his bed for the night. He prepares a fancy breakfast and heads to school. Ui decides to return the favour by making dinner!

The Student Council President and Dinner at Home

Ui is not the quickest to rise in the morning and also had a bit of an issue finding her bed after waking in the night to use the bathroom. So, she jumped into Hayato’s futon and fell back to sleep. They’re husband and wife after all… Anyhow, after waking up to find Ui’s boobs in his face, Hayato makes them both breakfast.

Ui is impressed with his cooking skills and vows to make him dinner, although Hayato is a little surprised that she isn’t planning on going home. He returns from school late and is greeted by Ui in an apron… nothing but an apron. This is some of the advice her mother gave her… Anyhow, it turns out that she’s wearing a school issue swimsuit underneath. It also turns out she’s not any good at cooking so Hayato takes over. However, when he lets Ui peel the boiled eggs, she spills the hot water all over herself!

Episode Thoughts

In the last episode had the big shock/reveal of the series and felt like things got going. This episode was very much a case of just moving along. Nothing much really happened, but it was fun all the same. I’m a big fan of the naked apron look and Ui pulled it off quite well until the swimsuit reveal. Who’s mother gives that sort of advice? The best kind, that’s who!

Ecchi Highlights

Waking Up!

A Potential Rival Emerges!

Home Cooking!

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