My Wife is the Student Council President! (Episode 23) – The Vice President and Treasurer Make Some Kind of Progress

My Wife is the Student Council President Title

On his way to school, Hiyato bumps into the student council treasurer, Kelly Fujisaki. She seems a little different although Hiyato can’t quite work out why, but then the wind blows and lifts Kelly’s skirt…

The Vice President and Treasurer Make Some Kind of Progress

So, the wind blows and reveals that Karen forgot to put on her panties in her haste to get to school on time. Hiyato instantly tries to cover her up, but she freaks out and hits him. Of course, she didn’t realise that she had forgotten her panties until moments later. That just made things worse. She battered Hiyato and raced on to school.

Hiyato couldn’t get it out of his head and Ui noticed. She mentioned that Karen was cute and not as prickly as she shows. That was when Hiyato decided he must protect her and raced to her classroom and told her to put on her gym clothes. She had also forgotten them, so he went to take off his pants and give them to her… in front of her class…

She threw him out. Later on, Ui gave Hiyato and Karen a job to do together. They were walking along a corridor when Hiyato noticed an open window. He tried to warn Karen, but Saijou showed up to ask about him exposing himself in class.

He’s desperate to get rid of Saijou and warn Karen, but neither seems to want to take a hint. If anything, Karen appears to knowingly walk and then stop next to the open window. Saijou runs off after and she seems very happy about something.

Hiyato confronts Karen and realises that she is feeling unnoticed and maybe she needed to do something to get noticed… even if it was only by him…

Episode Thoughts

Of all the things to follow the last couple of episodes, one focused on Karen was not what I was expecting. Not at all. That said, I think it was fairly clever and well done with Karen doing something risky in the hopes of getting noticed and all the while trying to make it seem like she didn’t mean to do it. I wouldn’t say it was a great episode though. I was expecting much more from Rin and Ui, but it appears I will have to wait until the final episode… only one episode left!

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