My Wife is the Student Council President! (Episode 24) – A Holy Night with the President and All the Rest

My Wife is the Student Council President Title

Ui is upset as she doesn’t know what to do for Hiyato for Christmas, especially as she wants to make it sexy! Unluckily for her, Rin has decided to have a Christmas party at Hiyato’s house… Wonder if there will be presents!

A Holy Night with the President and All the Rest

After things go pretty stale at the party, and it didn’t take very long, Hiyato tries to step out and make it an all-girls party. Sawatari stops him by showing him a picture of him cross-dressing. She says that if he leaves she’ll show everyone. Hiyato reluctantly agrees, but then Ui grabs the phone and looks at the picture.

Hiyato thinks she won’t notice that it’s him, but she spots him in an instant. Of course, this then brings up the question as to why he hadn’t told her. To make matters worse, Rin announces that he told her ages ago.

In order to make things up, Ui decides to dress Hiyato up. Once it’s done, they all marvel at the transformation, however, he doesn’t have any boobs, and that’s a problem. Sawatari tells Rin to take off her bra, so that they can stuff it.

So, Hiyato reveals that he isn’t into cross-dressing and everyone accepts it, even Saijou who showed up just to get pictures. They take one last group picture and that is that!

Episode Thoughts

I’ve really enjoyed this series, and this season has been a lot of fun, but this episode was a massive let down. After the previous one where I was surprised to see it focus on Karen, I was sure they would go all out for the finale, but it’s as if they just gave up after episode ten. I was expecting more from Rin and Ui and hoped the competition would get out of hand. However, this was a weak, if no the weakest episode in the entire season. I hope we get a third season so that I can wash this one from my mind. I was really expecting much more!

Ecchi Highlights

Sexy Christmas!

The Party!

Make-up Time!

Party Pic!

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