My Wife is the Student Council President! (Episode 3) – The Student Council President and the Hand Holding Experiment

My Wife is the Student Council President Title

The biggest threat to Ui’s goal of love liberation for the student masses has revealed itself in the form of Rin Misumi. She’s determined to stop all hand-holding because that leads to lewd thoughts, which lead to…

The Student Council President and the Hand Holding Experiment

Hayato is surprised to learn that despite their mission, none of the members of the Student Council had ever had a boyfriend. This makes their mission to promote love liberation that much harder, as no one knows what to do. They do, however, all agree that Rin Misumi is going against that message with her strict disciplinary rules. Of course, Rin was listening at the door and burst in to tell them off. She hadn’t counted on Hayato being there who held her hand to show that there was nothing lewd about it. Rin raced out of the room in a panic!

Ui spent the evening looking fairly annoyed, and it turned out that she too wanted to try hand-holding. Hayato reluctantly agreed, but then things got a little weird and he started to have lewd feelings, enough to make his hand sweaty. Rather than being grossed out, Ui licked his hand and then sucked his finger. The hand-holding had gotten out of control and she soon threw herself on top of him and began grinding on his knee…

Episode Thoughts

This episode properly introduced some conflict in the form of Rin Misumi… and what a form it is! Anyhow, her reaction to Hayato holding her hand is no doubt going to make things interesting in the future, especially now that we know just how lewd handholding is! This was a funny episode. The series is definitely getting better.

Ecchi Highlights

Disciplinary Committee!

Disciplinary Committee versus Student Council!

Holding Hands!

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