My Wife is the Student Council President! (Episode 4) – Shelter from the Rain Without the President

My Wife is the Student Council President Title

Ui and Rin continue to fight about their views on hand-holding which continues into the streets after school. However, it starts to rain and when Rin spots two people she used to know, she grabs Hiyato and hides… in a love hotel!

Shelter from the Rain Without the President

Ui, however, was left in the rain with no idea where they had run off to or why. Inside the love hotel, the receptionist yelled at them to get out or get a room… so they got a room. Hiyato offered to dry Rin’s wet clothes but she took it the wrong way and fought back. When she finally realised what he meant she accepted and found some extra clothes from the hotel cosplay wardrobe. Rin revealed to Hiyato that she saw a boy she used to like and her old best friend together and had panicked. She also revealed that because of her chest size people make assumptions about her, which is why she tries to be overly moral.

With that off her mind, Rin jumps onto the bed and discovers a strange device. Hiyato recognizes the vibrator instantly and tries to take it from her, which jumps makes her more curious. To stop him from getting it, she drops it down her shirt. It, of course, activates and jiggles and vibrates all the way down to her panties. Rin almost loses control but manages to pull it out and throw it across the room. Hiyato can only watch in wonder. They leave the love hotel and bump into Ui outside. She’s released to find them, but then stares up at the building and then at them…

Episode Thoughts

All right, this is what I was expecting when I started this series. It was excellent from start to finish. Rin is easily the best girl in the series and I’m prepared to die on that hill. So, an episode where we learnt more about Rin was a big win for me. It was also a great ecchi episode full of awkward moments, misunderstandings, and wet-shirts. In a way, it reminded me of Why the hell are you here, Teacher!? and that’s a great comparison to have. I’m expecting great things from the rest of the series.

Ecchi Highlights

Disciplinary Committee!

Hide in here!

A Quick Change!

What’s this?

Found You!

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