My Wife is the Student Council President! (Episode 5) – Making Up with the President

My Wife is the Student Council President Title

After finding Hiyato and Rin coming out of a love hotel together, Ui has moved back home. When Hiyato gets to school, the student council addresses an email that sounds all too familiar! Will they get back together?

Making Up with the President

Fellow student council members, Karen and Ayane both try to cheer up Ui in their own personal ways. It doesn’t seem to be working so they get down to business. A student has emailed them with a problem. She saw her boyfriend coming out of a love hotel with another girl and doesn’t know what to do… This problem hits extremely close to home for Hiyato and Rin who was listening at the door. Ui, however, invites Rin in to get her perspective as the head of the disciplinary committee.

Hiyato and Rin attempt to defend the boy while Karen is certain that the guy is at fault. Eventually, Rin stands up and tells Ui that it’s entirely possible that they went in there by mistake and that nothing happened. Karen then reveals there is a follow-up message. The couple kissed and made up and all is fine once more. Once the other student council members have gone home, Ui tells Hiyato that they should kiss and make up. He reluctantly kisses her on the forehead, but that wasn’t enough. She leans in and kisses him on the lips. They kiss again, this time things get a little heated, but then the door flies open and they see a little girl standing in the doorway.

Episode Thoughts

This episode was hilarious. There were just so many funny moments, it’s hard to believe the episode is only eight minutes long. Firstly, there was the dream where Rin told Ui that her and Hiyato were breast squeezing friends (the best kind), but in reality, they denied it and Ui ran into a post. The timing of the message was amazing and seeing Hiyato and Rin’s reactions to it was hilarious. Finally, when they got to the resolution, it was Ui’s reaction that was best. Then, when they kiss, it got pretty hot in here. When the little girl appeared there was a pause, and for some reason, it was the funniest moment in the episode. So, they kissed and suddenly there was a little girl… I guess they’re parents now… hahahahahaha!

Ecchi Highlights

The Nightmare!

The Reality!

The Email!

The Kiss!


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