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My Wife is the Student Council President Title

Well, it turns out that the little girl that caught them kissing is related to Ui. That’s right, she is Ui’s mother… What?! Anyhow, she helps move Ui’s stuff into Hiyato’s house and tells him about his mother.

The Student Council President’s Family

That’s right, Ui’s mother has come back to Japan and is checking in on her little girl, who is bigger and more developed than her, but whatever. Anyhow, she comes back to Hiyato’s house with them and no sooner has she arrived, but some moving men arrive with Ui’s things. The move is now complete, Ui and Hiyato are living together. So, after all that hard work, Hiyato needs a bath. While in the middle of cleaning himself, Ui’s mother comes in, but don’t worry she’s weating a camisole to protect everyone’s embarrassment.

She tells him about his mother and how they made the arrangement. She also reveals that Ui remembers how they were friends back then. With that out of the way, she goes to leave the bathroom, but slips and falls on top of Hiyato. Ui bursts into the room and finds her mother sitting on Hiyato’s face. Awkward! Hiyato and Ui’s mother than bond over cooking which makes Ui jealous. Later she offers to give Hiyato a back massage, and it ends up as a tickle fight. Hiyato takes things too far and leaves Ui gasping. Then, they kiss. Then, Ui’s mother falls through the door. She was listening the entire time!

Episode Thoughts

So, I was not expecting that twist. Ui’s mother looks like a loli… I guess it’s possible, Ao’s father in Ao-chan Can’t Study looked like a tiny goblin and he was hilarious. And, as you might expect, Ui’s mother is just as ridiculous. The bath scene was funny and, of course, they left Ui out of the cooking after her previous exploits. That then paved the way for the tickling which got quite out of control. Once more it was a funny episode with some classic ecchi moments. There wasn’t enough Rin for my liking, but I’m sure she’ll be back. This series is a lot of fun.

Ecchi Highlights


Bath time!

The Shame!

Would you like a massage?


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