My Wife is the Student Council President! (Episode 9) – President, Bribe, and Exposure

My Wife is the Student Council President Title

When Ui finds out that Rin has given Hiyato a pair of panties for his “cross-dressing” fetish, she decides to give him a pair of her panties, and what could be better than the ones she’s wearing?

President, Bribe, and Exposure

So, after the incident that led to the incident in the nurse’s room with Rin and her sister, Kei, Hiyato finds himself having to keep up the facade or else Rin will find out the truth that he is living with Ui. Rin takes the next step and gives Hiyato a package that has a pair of panties inside. He asks if she wore them. She says she didn’t but realised it would be hard for him to buy women’s clothes, and if he ever needs anything else, she will get it for him.

Hiyato is a little concerned at how into this Rin is. Anyhow, that’s the least of his problems right now as Karen saw them together and has reported back to the student council. Ui tries to defend Hiyato which cause Karen to question the state of things. Ui tells them that she is dating Hiyato, but not that they live together.

On the way home, Hiyato drops his back and the package from Rin falls out. Ui opens it and is surprised to find a pair of panties. She asks if Rin wore them and then pulls Hiyato into an alleyway. She tells him to take off her panties as freshly worn will obviously be better than previously worn, if they were worn at all. Hiyato tells her to head home, but she refuses to move until he removes her panties.

Hiyato reluctantly agrees and pulls them down towards her knees. There’s a sound and Ui is startled, pulling Hiyato towards her and pressing his face between her legs. She seems to like it. Hiyato seems to like it, but then a cat makes a noise and they decide to head home. Now, Hiyato has two pairs of panties from two different girls and doesn’t know what to do with them?

Episode Thoughts

So, this episode wasn’t as good as the last one, but that would be almost impossible as that was the greatest thing ever… This episode was a lot of fun and was a real tease. Seeing Hiyato pulling down Ui’s panties and both of their reactions was great. I did also enjoy how into things Rin appears to be getting and am looking forward to that escalating, which it surely will. This series continues to surprise and while it is definitely great for ecchi, it does also have a nice story with some fun characters.

Ecchi Highlights

A Gift for You!

The Student Council!

Here’s another Gift!


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