My Wife is the Student Council President! (Season One)

My Wife is the Student Council President Title

When Hiyato was defeated in the student council presidential vote, he reluctantly accepted the position of vice-president. He never expected the president to move in with him and become his wife though!

The Overview

It turns out that Hiyato and Ui’s parents know each other and arranged for their children to get married. Now, with both parents working overseas, Ui has moved in and decided to get a headstart on family life. Of course, they must keep this a secret else it could destroy their school lives. That, and Hiyato is quite sold on the idea. Can they navigate the pitfalls of being newly-weds (even if they aren’t really)?

My Wife is the Student Council President Episode 3 Ui falls on to Hayato boobs

The Story

Surprisingly, the story is actually quite engaging. I didn’t expect too much as the episodes are eight minutes long, but they pack a lot in and the character development is quite good too. They certainly do enough to make you care for the characters and not just Ui and Hiyato. There is a full cast including some rather eccentric parents. This series is really enjoyable.

The Characters

My Wife is the Student Council President Episode 7 Hiyato says it's all his

Hiyato is the main character and vice-president of the student council. He finds himself in a fairly awkward situation when Ui moves in with him. She seems to be all set on becoming his wife as their parents agreed, but Hiyato seems less sure, especially since other girls appear to have shown some interest in him.

My Wife is the Student Council President Episode 2 Ui Wakana what's under the apron

Ui is the student council president who moved in with Hiyato. She seems like a sweet girl, and possibly a little naive, but at the same time, she knows what she wants and is prepared to do whatever it takes to get it. It’s hard to see why Hiyato doesn’t just commit!

My Wife is the Student Council President Episode 7 Rin Misumi

Rin is the leader of the disciplinary committee and takes the role very seriously, however, she ended up in an awkward situation with Hiyato at a love hotel. Then her sister moved in next door to Hiyato and their relationship seems to have grown from then. She’s the reason Hiyato can’t commit and I don’t blame him.

Fan Service

There is a lot of fan-service in this series and it is good. Providing you’re watching the uncensored version, otherwise, it’s all hidden away. Seriously, make sure you watch the uncensored version. It really is worth it. This series has probably already delivered some of my favourite ecchi scenes of all time.

Ecchi Highlights


Story Rating: Great

I’m loving this story and while it’s fairly simple, it does a lot with what it has and manages to hit a lot of the classic ecchi tropes. For a series with eight-minute episodes, it really shouldn’t be this good, but it is.

Ecchi Rating: Smoking

This series pushes the boundaries of what it can get away and while there’s a lot of accidental stuff like panty shots and slips and grabs, there’s also a lot of quite deliberate ecchi content. Ui is actually quite forceful and open to doing things you would not have expected at the beginning of the show.


This is a great series. It really is a lot of fun to watch and I still can’t get over much I’m enjoying it. There’s a second season and I will definitely be continuing, so you can look forward to getting more of Ui and Rin in the coming weeks. If you haven’t seen it, I would highly recommend it.

My Wife is the Student Council President Episode 8 Kei mentions Hiyato's crossdressing fetish

Episodic Highlights

If you still want some more, there are more images and highlights on the episode reviews below.

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