Nekopara (Episode 1) – Welcome to La Soleil!

Perhaps not expressly ecchi, but catgirls have their own appeal that’s more than welcome here on Ecchi Hunter! Which brings us to this Winter 2020 anime, Nekopara!

Welcome to La Soleil!

Now, Nekopara is a very nonchalant, super relaxed, slice of life anime featuring cat girls that work at a cafe. That’s the impression I got. I won’t promise much in terms of synopsis / analysis for this one, for reasons you’ll see here…

This episode, we saw some catgirls wake up, eat breakfast, work at a cafe, catfight, take the bus, cook, and eat. Oh, and at the very end of the episode a stray catgirl walked into the cafe. That just about sums it all up I think!

Episode Thoughts

What can I say, this anime seems to be the type of anime where you just clear your mind and watch it. There’s no real thinking required here, it’s just catgirls doing things. There were a few funny moments, like the catfight. There are a bunch of catgirls that comprise the cast of this one, and I’ll undoubtedly have trouble catching all of their names. But I did manage to remember Coconut, the well-endowed catgirl who gets in a catfight this episode.

Anyways, enjoy the highlights!

Episode Highlights

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  1. Coconut is the best character! It’s undoubtedly cute, but not much going on if I’m honest.

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