Nekopara (Episode 10) – Oh No! Bell Renewal Exams

Apologies for the hiatus, but I’m back to finish off Nekopara! These cute cats deserve it, and we’re not about leaving series half-finished here at Ecchi Hunter. So let’s get back to it!

Oh No! Bell Renewal Exams

In Nekopara, a cat has to complete exams in order to receive a bell that they wear on their neck. The bell means that the cat is allowed to go around in public without adult supervision. And it’s just about time for Chocola and Vanilla’s renewal exams!

Stressed out about it, the two cats visit the other cats to ask for help, and go through a training course. Afterwards, they complete their exams and pass, creating cause for celebration.

Episode Thoughts

Yep, it’s Nekopara. Another cute and very light-hearted episode where not too much happens, but it’s still fun to watch. Many of the tests for Chocola and Vanilla involved them having to suppress their cat-like urges, such as sitting in a cardboard box, or not panicking at seeing a cucumber on the floor. These moments are my favourite part of Nekopara, aside from the occasional fan service, so I really enjoyed this episode.

Unfortunately, not too much in terms of fan service.

Episode Highlights

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