Nekopara (Episode 11) – Cacao Repays Her Debts

Cacao, having made a new friend in past episodes, is invited to sleep over for a night! This causes Chocola and Vanilla to become very protective of the kitten…

Cacao Repays Her Debts

Cacao is invited to spend the night at her new friend’s place, and so she accepts. Chocola and Vanilla immediately begin to worry, and once Cacao is gone, the two cats immediately miss her and feel lonely without her. That said, Cacao goes and has a good time. At her friend’s house, Cacao realizes that she wants to do something to thank Chocola and Vanilla for all they’ve done for her.

So when Cacao returns, she immediately closes herself off in a box in order to work on something, refusing to let anyone interrupt her. Chocola and Vanilla go nuts trying to coax Cacao out, and begin worrying that Cacao has become rebellious. All of the cats try various things to get Cacao out of the box to no avail. Eventually though, Cacao pops out and gives Chocola and Vanilla a nice thank-you letter.

Episode Thoughts

This episode was too cute! They’re all cute, really. Once again, there was some pretty good humour in this episode with Cacao in her box and Chocola + Vanilla trying everything they can to get her out. I really love the cuteness and comedy of this series. Maybe it could use a little more fan service but… it’s still a fun show!

Episode Highlights

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